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A sign that has exactly the same characteristics as MaxiSign, the difference is that it is only half as high. The arrow board X5 is fixedly mounted to provide an economical alternative where no lane change is required. MidiSign comes with about 40 pre-programmed messages.

*Image area  2260X800 mm
* Wireless control
* CREE-diodes
* Nominal life of diodes 100 000 h
* Classification of lamps: EN12352
* Framework in extruded aluminum
* Integrated arrow board X5

MidiSign RGB

s a full-color LED sign with the same features as MaxiSign RGB. The difference is that it is only half as high. In addition to lane changing boards, all road signs that may be displayed on a vehicle are pre-programmed in the sign.


The sign is built into modules where each can be replaced in case of damage. The sign is integrated with an arrow board (X5) that is vertically elevated by a linear motor. The framework consists of extruded and anodized aluminum profiles screwed together. It is easy to replace individual parts separately. The window is openable and made in safety glass.


The messages you need

We are constantly posting new, correct and current messages. Of course, they are presented in the right color and shape that road users are used to seeing them.