Verdegro TMA

This TMA meets the harder requirements with a collision speed of 100 km/h.

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Verdegro TMA is a Truck Mounted Attenuator made for use in Europe. The protection is tested according to NCHRP350 TL3 and permitted by the Swedish Transport Administration for use on the Swedish road network. The TMA has an outer shell protection that consists of 4 parts that can be replaced individually in the event of any damage. Built-in there is a hydraulic unit which, via two hydraulic cylinders, with a full 50 mm piston rod diameter, manages to lower / raise the TMA. We can deliver the TMA in any color combination within the RAL scale. Fold time 10-11 seconds.

Weights and Measures

Width 2260 mm, length 4100 mm (incl. stand), height 760 mm.
Weight about 950 kg.